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ESP and Hypnosis

Ever thought you had ESP, psychic abilities, a sixth sense?
Have you ever wondered if you could develop those abilities?
Hypnosis may be the key to opening that door.

ESP Hypnosis Chicago     Since the dawn of time human beings have been fascinated and fearful of those who had the power to know things that went beyond our five senses. Some cultures revered their seers while others burned them at the stake. Extrasensory perception (ESP), in all it’s forms has also been wildly popular. In the early 1900’s psychics were pop stars and parlor games could include Ouija boards, séances, Tarot card reading and hypnosis. Dabbling in the occult was good old fashion family fun.
     Our fascination with psychic phenomena or ESP is as alive today as any time in history. Surveys show 91% believe that everyone has some form of psychic ability and 71% claim to have had some type of paranormal experience. Most would say their extrasensory experience was unexpected, unexplainable and rarely repeatable. Can these experiences be developed, duplicated and controlled. Working psychics claim to be able to do that.

How can hypnosis help?

Psychic Hypnosis, Palmer Clinic     Hypnosis has been a catalyst in discovering psychic ability for over a hundred years. Several famous psychics at the turn of the last century discover their psychic abilities through hypnosis. Clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and past life memories can be enhanced with hypnosis. This shouldn’t be a surprise, the entire history of hypnosis is about tapping into the special powers of your own mind.
     Can hypnosis make you the next world renown psychic? Maybe. More likely you could wakeup some of your undiscovered mental powers. You might come to understand what your own mind has been trying to tell you.
      Schedule an appointment with Mr. Palmer and discover a safe, natural way to release the powers of your own mind. A hypnosis session to help develop your psychic abilities including a CD of the session to continue your voyage of discovery. $250.

Need a Psychic Tune-up?

      If you had it, but you lost it, I can help. Psychic experiences are very fickle things. The paranormal often comes out of nowhere and disappears for no apparent reason. If you have already experienced some form of extrasensory perception, there is a good chance you can rediscover it through hypnosis. Many children have psychic experiences and seem to grow out of them. It's possible to rekindle those early abilities. Those who have had paranormal experiences tend to be more open and less fearful of the experience. If you believe you have experienced this gift, why not develop it?

     If you want information on how hypnosis can help you in other areas, and how I can make you a custom hypnosis CD, see Hypnosis Programs.

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