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The Only Program that Treats your Habit!

Smokers: You have a habit problem, not a nicotine addiction!

     Habit? Yes, your years of practice, hundreds of trips to the mouth every day and thousands of connections between the cigarette and the things you do. Do you think that habit suddenly disappears the moment you decide to quit? It doesn't. Your habit remains active for months.

     For 30 years I've helped smokers quit by going after the habit part of smoking. You have heard for 20 years, the nicotine part of smoking is over in 72 hours. What causes your irritability, shift into food and physical symptoms is an active habit pattern.
     Hello. I'm Paul S. Palmer, Ph.B., Director of the Palmer Smoking Clinic and the Sports Motivation Clinic, serving the Chicago, Illinois, community since 1985. If you live in the Midwest, you can take advantage of the ONLY smoking cessation program designed to help you with your Smoking Habit Pattern.

The Solution? Hypnosis! 

     Why hypnosis? Because, it's the only help you can get for your super sized habit problem. For over thirty years the Palmer Smoking Clinic, has used hypnosis to work on the hundreds of trips to the mouth each day and the thousands of places and things the cigarette becomes connected with. When you focus on the habit as your primary goal in quitting, smokers quit more easily and more comfortably than anything else they have tried, without weight gain or becoming a grouch.

But I tried hypnosis!

smokers help, hypnosis smoking cessationMy hypnosis program is completely different from other hypnosis programs. It was developed specifically to work on the habitual part of smoking. My session is an hour and a half and I take you through the hypnosis twice in that same visit to insure you are completely comfortable with the hypnosis process. My music program and subliminal messaging process is found nowhere else. If you are apprehensive or think you can't be hypnotized, you'll quickly find out there is nothing scary or difficult about my hypnosis procedure. Plus, for your protection and mine, all hypnosis sessions are digitally recorded.
Nobody else offers all that!

Not Convinced Yet? 

smoking cessation, hypnosis, smokers treatment chicago     If you already agree that smoking is a major habit problem and not a chemical problem, make an appointment. If you are not convinced yet, pull up a chair, light one up and start with the "The Full Story".

To Quit, Call Today: 708-824-9057

How successful is the program?

     For decades my success rate has been over 90%, with most clients needing only the first session to quit. My stop-smoking program, a 1 1/2 hour individual session (taking you through the hypnosis twice) is the best bargain in town at $250. Why would you go anywhere else?

10% Cash Discount for New Clients

  Winter Specials (see Prices )
Quit with a friend and save Big Bucks!

Plus new weight loss program for 2017

Hypnosis: A Life Changer!

I work in many other areas of hypnosis (see Other Hypnosis Programs). I can design a hypnosis program to fit your specific needs and make you a CD to continue working on the solution after your office visit. If you have questions about hypnosis, please call me. Don't be shy, I'm the boss and I'll speak with you directly. I want you to have all your questions satisfied before you would make an appointment. That's Paul S. Palmer at 708-824-9057
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I don't use laser beams, drugs or e-cigarettes. Why? Go to Laser Therapy.

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