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Group Program for Smokers

For thirty years, I have worked outside my office offering my unique stop-smoking program to companies, organizations and many Chicago, Illinois area municipalities through their Park District programs. My company program also includes group hypnosis. I'm Paul S. Palmer, director of the Palmer Smoking Clinic. If you a looking for a stop-smoking program to help your employees, you found it. It's a no side effects, common sense approach to quitting, that anyone can participate in.
What to expect from a Palmer Stop Smoking Program?
A new way to quit. Solid stop smoking information, examples taken from the smokers own experience, an enjoyable upbeat atmosphere, a way to quit you haven't tried before.
Company stop smoking programs, Group HypnosisWhat I don't do is lecture the smoker on the demon weed. Everybody has already heard all the reasons to quit, smokers don't need that from me. I don't have rat study reports on the effects of nicotine on the rodent population nor graphs or a power point presentation on why you should quit.
If a smoker is even mildly interested in quitting, I can capture their attention and teach them something they can use now or when they are ready to quit. The smoker also gets a good idea of why past attempts at quitting failed, tips on how not to fall off the wagon plus they learn how NOT to turn into an eating machine when they quit.
Palmer Smoking Clinic, Chicago IL.My program is actually two programs in one. First, is my stop smoking strategy or the "How To Quit" part, based on my belief that the habit, not the chemical, is the hardest part to overcome when you're quitting. While the "How To Quit" part by itself can help most smokers kick the habit, the transition can be made quicker by using group hypnosis. Hypnosis alone has helped many smokers quit but by combining the Palmer "How To Quit" approach with hypnosis, the effect is a remarkably fast transition to being smoke free. (learn more see Full Story)
In a Palmer Stop Smoking Program, I try and keep the program light and entertaining. I believe I have the approach to quitting that everyone will be using in the future but unless my audience is enthralled and awake, it doesn't matter how good the program is.

My 1 1/2 hour Stop Smoking Seminar (including group hypnosis) in the Chicago area starts at $1200. for up to twenty people, $55.00 per person over twenty. Out of town programs begin at $1800., plus all expenses.

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