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 Personal Hypnosis Programs

I design Hypnosis programs just for you.

The absolute best way to discover the powers of hypnosis is to have a custom CD made to fit your unique needs. It's easy, it's painless and most applications can be put in motion with one visit. If you are lucky enough to live in the Chicago IL. area, a visit to my office is the best way to open the door to the powers your own mind. If you live outside the Chicago area I can arrange a face to face interview via Skype and ship you your custom CD.
Hello, I'm Paul S. Palmer, Director, Palmer Hypnosis Clinic and the Sports Motivation Clinic. I have worked with many applications of hypnosis at the Palmer Smoking Clinic in my 30 plus years, smoking, performance anxiety, sports and weight loss being the most familiar. The programs below are excellent examples of what else hypnotherapy can accomplish. In all applications you are releasing your minds' natural ability to heal and restore. Each program includes the custom CD of your hypnosis session to continue working with the hypnosis after you leave my office. Office visit including the custom CD is $250.

Performance Anxiety:

Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright, Public SpeakingIt's a broad category but it includes areas like public speaking, stage fright as in the performing arts, test anxiety, presentations, lectures and any other situation where the pressure turns you into a basket case. Choking under pressure has been around since the beginning of time and so has our fascination and admiration for those few who don't seem to be bothered by it. In more modern times we have tried to understand how they do it. Today, we can show you color pictures of the brain of a top professional at work and the choker in identical situations and guess what! They are different!
Hypnosis is a prefect vehicle for preparing the mind for pressure situations. You use the hypnosis to practice at home and gain your confidence away from the situation. Performance anxiety and hypnosis, a match made in heaven.

Phobias: Fear Management

If you live with fears that seem to be controlling your life, hypnosis can be the answer. Fear is debilitating and it comes in every form imaginable. Phobias occur for a variety of reasons, some make sense especially if you have had a bad experience and sometimes fear appears out of nowhere. In either case hypnosis has been an excellent tool for restoring normal concerns. Making your fears manageable is how this application works. It's a thousand times better for you than medication, it uses your own minds' ability to heal and it's affordable.


Hypnosis, stress, Palmer Hypnosis ClinicAgain a broad category and similar to performance anxiety but on a more common day to day experience level. We are all under stress, aren't we? Some have found ways to deal with it but many more watch their mental and physical health deteriorate because they have no clue how to cope with stress. Hypnosis has been used for stress reduction and management for decades because reducing stress is a natural byproduct of the hypnosis process.
Using hypnosis to relax and dump the stress is such an easy application, it's a wonder everybody isn't doing it. Oh, I know why. We have drugs to help us relax and change our moods with chemistry. Hypnosis is the healthy alternative to drug therapy.  It's all natural, with no side effects and that makes sense to my clients. The CD guides you through the relaxation and shows you how to begin doing it on your own.

Hot Flashes

Hypnosis is an effective treatment for menopause-related hot flashes and night sweats, new research finds. Studies at Baylor University's Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory found that hypnosis can reduce hot flashes by as much as 74%. Many women can't take hormone therapy or don't want to expose themselves to the medical risks. Hypnosis has long been an alternative non-drug treatment for many health related issues such as pain management, injury recovery, smoking and weight loss. Read the entire article on Hot Flashes and Hypnosis at WebMD.

Pain Control:

Working with pain is one of the oldest hypnosis applications. It's not a miracle cure but a way to use your mind's natural ability to help the body cope with pain. Hypnosis has been used in natural child birth, dentistry, with burn patients, and to speed up post-operative recovery, just to name a few applications. Just how hypnosis works with pain is an area that has been a mystery and a surprise for over one hundred years. It appears that hypnosis can help direct the body's natural abilities to heal itself. I also specialize in Sports Injury Recovery.

The Cool Stuff:

Past Life Memories:

hypnotic regression, past life age regressionFor almost ten years, I participated in various research studies that involved past life hypnotic regression. Gaining reference in the movie "Beyond and Back" , the dubious distinction of an article in the National Enquirer and a lecture at the First International UFO Conference on hypnotizing abductees are but a few of my credentials in this area. I was a skeptic, I wanted hard evidence, I read many remarkable stories of regular people having past life memories while being hypnotized. Was it all true? Was It a hoax? Well, I'm still not quit sure what our subjects were giving us, that's why the book on the subject never got written. What I can tell you is hundreds of folks had memories, some quit remarkable in detail about people and places they weren't familiar with before the hypnosis. This program is office visit only but you are given a CD to continue working with your memories after your visit. This is the same procedure used on 1600 subjects to help them recall events that many thought were evidence of having lived before.

The Healing CD

Healing Hypnosis, positive mental attitudeWe know that the mind plays an important role in healing. How much of a factor it is, depends on which expert you ask. Faith healing, miracles cures, spontaneous remission, the power of prayer, a positive mental attitude, all try to provide an answer to why some people inexplicably seem to beat the odds. Hypnosis is no stranger to these miraculous moments. If the mind has the power to heal, than hypnosis certainly is one key to opening that door. If you are considering alternative healing options, hypnosis won't break the bank, certainly can't hurt you and might be the tool to call up the mental powers you never knew you had.

ESP & Hypnosis

Ever thought you had psychic abilities, a sixth sense? Have you ever wondered if you could develop those abilities?

Hypnosis can be the key to opening that door.

ESP Hypnosis, psychic hypnosisSince the dawn of time human beings have been fascinated and fearful of those who had the power to know things that went beyond their five senses. Some cultures revered their seers while others burned them at the stake. Extrasensory perception (ESP), in all it’s forms has also been wildly popular. In the early 1900’s psychics were pop stars and parlor games could include Ouija boards, séances, Tarot card reading and hypnosis. Dabbling in the occult was good old fashion family fun.
Our fascination with psychic phenomena or ESP is as alive today as any time in history. Surveys show 91% believe that everyone has some form of psychic ability and 71% claim to have had some type of paranormal experience. Most would say their extrasensory experience was unexpected, unexplainable and rarely repeatable. Can these experiences be developed, duplicated and controlled. Working psychics claim to be able to do that.
How can hypnosis help? Hypnosis has been a catalyst in discovering psychic ability for over a hundred years. Several famous psychics at the turn of the last century discovered their psychic abilities through hypnosis. Clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and past life memories all have be enhanced with hypnosis. This shouldn’t be a surprise, the entire history of hypnosis is about tapping into the special powers of your own mind. ESP and hypnosis have been a natural partner for a few hundred years.
If you have questions about the use of hypnosis for a particular problem, you can call and talk to me in complete confidence. If I think hypnosis can help, I'll explain why and if I think hypnosis is not a good solution, I'll tell you that too. Try getting that advise anywhere else!

(I'm well aware that you can purchase cheap hypnosis programs for every imaginable malady over the internet. Many of the applications are patently ridicules. Do they harm anyone? I doubt it. They just create more people who think hypnosis doesn't work or it's a sham. Working directly with my clients has always been the best way to do hypnosis. If you want to really take advantage of the power of hypnosis, you need a expert. The role of the hypnotist is to familiarize the client with the hypnosis process, explain how each application works for them and instruct them how to work with the process after they leave the office.)

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