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 Paul S. Palmer's Bio

Paul PalmerHere is everything you ever wanted to know and probably more than you ever wanted to know about the creator of the Palmer Smoking Clinic and the Sports Motivation clinic.
Paul S. Palmer, Ph.B., has been engaged in hypnosis as a researcher, consultant, lecturer and Professional Hypnotherapist for over 30 years. He holds a degree in Philosophy, attending both Chicago State University and Roosevelt University in Chicago and has taught both College and High school.


Mr. Palmer, Researcher, teacher, hypnotherapistMr. Palmer hypnotized his first client (working for homemade cookies) in the summer of 1965. What first began as a curiosity gradually unfolded into a life long vocation. The university setting provided the chance to explore hypnosis, not from the classroom as hypnosis is not taught as an academic subject but as an opportunity to work with instructors and students who shared the same curiosity about the mysterious subject of hypnosis.
Thus began a decade long odyssey exploring numerous areas of hypnosis. Mr. Palmer participated in research projects at Chicago State University, Saint Xavier University, University Of Chicago, and the Chicago City Colleges. It was the research lab that provided thousands of hours of experience and the expertise that later would serve as the foundation for developing his unique hypnosis programs. As both research designer and often the principle hypnotist, Mr. Palmer became an expert in many areas of hypnosis such as age regression, sports performance, and of course smoking cessation to name a few.
He pioneered the use of music to enhance the hypnosis experience.
Mr. Palmer has long believed that many factors contribute to a successful hypnosis experience and that all of your senses are involved in becoming hypnotized. Music touches parts of the brain that language can't and everyone responds to music thus making music a natural companion to the relaxation process. Knowing that music can play a major role in relaxing even the hard to relax, the next question was could it be used to help carry the information as well?

Subliminal Messages. Spooky stuff!

Subliminal messaging had been a controversial subject since the 1950's. How effective could it be, can it change minds without you knowing it? Mr. Palmer's research indicated that most Palmer Smoking Clinic, Hypnosis since 1976people don't respond much to subliminal messages when they were wide awake but their ability to absorb the information increased exponentially the more they relaxed. This made subliminal messaging a natural companion for hypnosis. Not being satisfied with any of the existing technology used to create subliminal messages, Mr. Palmer worked with Illinois Institute of Technology graduate students to design a "black box" to embed messages in music without losing the quality of the message. His subliminal messaging process was designed specifically to be used in hypnosis applications. This technology is used only in the programs at the Palmer Smoking Clinic.

Mr. Speaker!

Mr. Palmer has spoken on hypnosis on numerous TV and radio talk shows as well as a frequent lecturer before numerous organizations. He has taught hypnosis techniques to many through seminars and weekend workshops often to doctors, dentists, and mental health professionals. He was a lecturer and board member of the Midwest Hypnosis Convention, with membership in the Southwest Hypnosis Society, the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis, the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists, and the Association of Self Hypnosis.
He has lectured extensively on his behavioral approach to smoking cessation, conducting hundreds of seminars and workshops for many organizations and companies and was a consultant and facilitator for the American Lung Association "I Quit Clinics" for more than ten years. (see Group Programs)
The Famous Mr. Palmer.   (Not quit 15 minutes yet!)
With his special expertise in age-regression he published several articles on the subject, most notably "Regressing the Blind to Their Former Lives" which later led to the highlight of his professional career, an article in the National Enquirer. He hypnotized the alleged Paul Palmer hypnotist, serving the entire universereincarnation of Harry Houdini (the world famous magician) and a man abducted by space aliens in what turned out to be a 1956 Buick, both on behalf of the National Enquirer. He served briefly as a consultant to the National Enquirer on hypnotic regression in the area of UFO abductees (very briefly). He served as a field investigator for two UFO research organizations and lectured on the use and credibility of hypnotic age-regression at the First International UFO Congress. His five year study of hypnotic age regression into prior lives at Chicago State University received international recognition in the movie, "Beyond and Back."

About the Palmer Smoking Clinic.

Mr. Palmer opened the Palmer Smoking Clinic in 1980 while still teaching. His approach to using hypnosis for smoking was different and controversial from the beginning. After reviewing every stop-smoking program and quitting strategy he could lay his hands on, he disagreed with all of them. Everyone thought that hypnosis was somehow being used to cure a chemical addiction. Mr. Palmer argued that hypnosis wasn't used for other forms of chemical addiction, why would it be working on nicotine addiction? As a researcher, this dilemma presented a challenge to discover exactly what hypnosis was doing for the smoker. What he discovered became the secret to his success with smokers.

More info having little or nothing to do with hypnosis.

Paul S. Palmer, American IndianMr. Palmer was born and raised in Chicago Il., in a two story teepee on the far south side of the city (a White Sox Fan). He is an American Indian on his fathers side and thus his ancestors probably had something to do with promoting the tobacco smoking idea to the unsuspecting Europeans. While not exactly apologetic about it, he sees the Palmer Smoking Clinic as just a continuation of a centuries old family business.
Mr. Palmer's understanding and use of music in his programs comes from many years as a musician. He has been involved in community theater and various singing ensembles since high school. He has been a member and officer in the Barbershop Harmony Society for 20 years, winning a third place international medal. He is also a professional bagpiper, wear'in the kilt for 25 years. See:
The Early Years
Mr. Palmer, Eagle ScoutHe became an Eagle Scout at the age of thirteen with three palms. He was a member of the gymnastic team and football team in high school. He wrote for his college newspaper and played on the golf team. He was president of the Philosophy Club his senior year. He was also a member of the Golden Puppets Skydiving Club, drove a Triumph motorcycle and fishes for Muskie.
His mother was particularly proud when he received a gold star for his tempera on rag paper, post-modernist, representational rendering of "Goldie Locks and the Three Bears", from Mrs. Kirshner's morning Kindergarten Class.
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